How Do I Set HP C5280 Scanner Settings?

by Steven Symes

The HP C5280 is one of Hewlett Packard's Photosmart All-In-One printers, meaning it can print documents and photos as well as scan and make copies of them. The printer's installation disc or the software you can download from Hewlett Packard's website install the HP Solution Center software on your computer. The Solution Center manages settings on your C5280, including how documents and photos are scanned and the way the digital scan files are handled by the computer.

Turn on the C5280 and the attached computer. Start up the computer's operating system. Check to make sure the cable connecting the computer and printer is plugged securely into both devices.

Click on "Start" or the Windows icon at the lower left corner of your computer's screen. Go to "Programs" or "All Programs" and find the "HP" folder. Find and click on "HP Solution Center" in the folder.

Select the HP C5280 from the list of HP devices shown in the Solution Center window. Click on the "Settings" button. This will display a list of settings options for the C5280's scanner, including where scanned files are sent to and if a preview of a scan is sent to the computer before a scan is completed. Select the settings you desire, then click "Ok" to finalize the changes to the printer's scanner.

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