How do I Refill an HP 564 Ink Cartridge?

by Si Kingston

You can save money by refilling your own printer cartridges. The HP 564 cartridges are an example of the type of cartridges that can be refilled. The cartridges have a conveniently place vent hole that doesn't require a thumb drill to create an access hole like some other cartridges require. Black ink cartridges and colored ink cartridges, which include magenta, yellow and cyan, make up the line of HP 564 cartridges. Each cartridge must be refilled using a separate syringe.

Ink refill set.

Use a work station that can tolerate an ink spill. In addition, prepare the work space with paper towels or a piece of cardboard.

Inkjet printer cartridges.

Fill a syringe with 4 ml of ink. Only use one color of ink per syringe.

Ink cartridge with label removed.

Peel the label off the cartridge to expose the vent hole.

Close up of ink cartridges.

Replace the orange cap that originally covered the outlet port of the 564 cartridge before it was inserted into the printer. (The outlet port is a small hole on the bottom of the cartridge, opposite the side with the vent hole.) If you no longer have the orange cap, put a plastic or vinyl glove over your hand and use a finger to cover the outlet port.

Syringe used for ink injection.

Insert the syringe into the vent hole and slowly inject the ink into the hole.


Keep the orange cap or your finger in place for at least one additional minute to allow the ink to soak into the sponge.

Colored cartridges for inkjet printer.

Remove your finger or the orange cap and place the cartridge in a bowl or sink and allow any excess ink to drip from the cartridge for about five minutes. Repeat the steps above to refill the remaining cartridges.

Printer printing test page.

Insert the cartridge into the printer and run the printer through a print cycle. Follow the printer's instructions to complete a print cycle, or print the pages provided in the Resource section.

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