How Do I Host My Own Web Page?

by James Wright

Personal websites are becoming more popular as the Internet increases in popularity. Web hosting is easy to find and very affordable, and many pre-made templates and Web pages make creating a site easier than ever before. For those that don't want to use pre-made blogging software, want to have their own domain or simply need more than free hosting can offer, setting up and hosting a personal Web site is simple and most of the effort is spent on your website itself.

Look for a domain hosting service, or domain registrar, such as GoDaddy or Active-Domain. This is the company through which you will purchase your domain name (i.e., Most registrars will charge you up front, but generally only bill you once a year. Pricing will vary depending on the domain name itself and what services you purchase with it, like protecting your name. (Sometimes searches for your domain name will display your personal information, like name and address.)

Look for a Web hosting service to host your files and connect with your domain. Some domain registrars offer Web hosting as well, but if you find another hosting company with better pricing and service, you can use both without any hassle. Examples of popular Web hosting companies are HostGator and 1and1, but you can find many online to fit your budget and needs.

Connect your domain and Web hosting by updating your nameservers. Your Web hosting service will generally provide you with two nameservers to use with your domain hosting. In your domain hosting profile, click on the domain name you purchased, and update the nameservers that your Web hosting service has given you. This essentially links your domain with the files you hosted online. If you need assistance, your host's technical support will be able to offer the best service.

Upload your website pages in your Web-hosting control panel, in the public_html directory. If you have linked your domain and hosting, then your domain will automatically show your index page (though the changes may take up to a few hours to propagate).

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