How Do I Hard Reset a Logitech 880?

By Allan Hu

Perform a hard reset on your universal remote to wipe out all data.
i remote image by Sonar from

The Logitech Harmony 880 is an advanced universal remote control. It can control an array of electronic devices, such as DVD players, television sets, Playstation 3 consoles and several Apple products. Performing a hard reset wipes the data on an electronic device and restores it to default factory settings. This is useful if the remote is having issues that cannot be fixed through normal means. Be warned that any saved data on the device will be permanently deleted after a hard reset.

Open the battery door on the back of the universal remote. Remove the batteries.

Remove the USB cable from the device if it is connected.

Press and hold down the power button, and insert the USB cable. The other end should be connected to a computer. The USB cable now powers the device.

Select the option to update the remote control in safe mode. This wipes existing data and allows you to start over.