How Do I Access GoDaddy Email Through Webmail?

by Amrita Chuasiriporn
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When you sign up for domain hosting service through GoDaddy as of February 2010, you automatically get free email hosting for your domain name as well. This allows for seamless integration of any email addresses you wish to set up with your domain name. When activating your GoDaddy email, it is important to know how to access your new email accounts through GoDaddy’s free webmail service. Using webmail, you can access your email from any computer that has Internet access.

Step 1

Point your Internet browser at the GoDaddy webmail login page (see References for link).

Step 2

Type your full email address into the provided space for it.

Step 3

Type your password into the space provided.

Click the “Login” button.


  • GoDaddy webmail is guaranteed to work with supported browsers only. Check GoDaddy's list of supported browsers for webmail to find out the most current information (see Resources).
  • If you are having trouble accessing your GoDaddy webmail account using this information, contact GoDaddy customer support. Check its contact information and submit your problem via a webform, or try calling the technical support telephone number. Make sure to have your account information and an exact description of the problems you are experiencing available so that they can help you. If you are receiving error messages, make sure to have the exact text of those error messages available. Sometimes error messages contain codes, which can tell the technical support people a lot about the problems you are experiencing.
  • If your GoDaddy e-mail address is attached to someone else’s domain, contact the domain owner and tell her the problem. The domain owner should be the person to speak to GoDaddy, as GoDaddy will likely not want to deal with anyone other than the domain owner.
  • If you prefer to access your email via a client, such as Thunderbird, Apple’s Mail or Outlook, GoDaddy has options available for that as well. Email address forwarding options are also available if you would prefer to redirect your email from your GoDaddy email address to another one that you check more frequently. See GoDaddy’s Email Help Pages for further information that will address your specific client and situation.


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