What Do the Buttons on the Front of the Netgear WNDR3700 Do?

By Clifton Watson

The WNDR3700 is a wireless Internet router from Netgear. In June 2011, it retailed for $159.99 making it a higher-end home router. It can stream HD video and online games and is suitable for large homes. It also features face buttons that allow the user to control a variety of functions.

Restore Factory Settings

This is a small recessed button. To press it, you will need to insert a thin long object like the tip of a ballpoint pen or a bent paperclip into the labeled hole. After you press this button and hold it for a few seconds, the router will erase all of the settings you have modified. It will be as if it was just removed from the box. This is handy if your router settings have been corrupted or modified so much that the router no longer functions properly.

Power Button

This toggle switch controls all functions on your router. When it is pressed in, the router is powered on. Press it again and it will pop out and the router will shut down as if it has been unplugged. This is handy for resetting the router if it begins to affect the running of your network. Press this power button and wait a few moments to allow the router to shut down entirely. Press it again to reboot the hardware and your wireless network.

Wireless Button

This is a rectangular button labeled with a small wireless symbol. This symbol looks like a dot inside two sets of parentheses. Pressing this button turns off the router's wireless capabilities. Press it again to restore your Wi-Fi network. It does not affect the router's power, so this is not a way to reset your network. It only disables it until the button is pressed again. The lights on the front of the router will flash if Wi-Fi is on and be turned off if Wi-Fi is off.

"Push 'N' Connect"

This is another rectangular button next to the wireless on/off button. The symbol printed on the front is similar to its neighbor, but the wireless symbol is smaller and situated above a small cube. This button allows for the easy addition of "Push 'N' Connect"-compatible devices to your network. By pressing this button and then initiating a corresponding function on the other device, the device and your WNDR3700 will communicate with each other and establish a connection without you having to search for available networks and input a password.