How Do I Forward Calls on Fairpoint?

By Mandy Slake

Call forwarding can be useful when you won't be near your phone. Callers can dial your normal number, and the phone system will forward their calls to a second line. You can activate call forwarding from your FairPoint phone or from another phone line. You also can set up call forwarding for all calls using a dialing menu. If you want to activate a busy line or no-answer call forwarding, you will need to call FairPoint to set up the feature.

Activating Call Forwarding from Your Fairpoint Phone

Dial the phone number you want to activate call forwarding to. If the number is long distance, you will need to dial a "1" and the area code before the number. If no one answers the call, dial the number again and listen for a stutter tone.

Hang up the call.

Dial "*72" to activate the call forwarding.

Listen for a stutter tone, and then hang up.

Activating Call Forwarding from Another Line

Call Fairpoint and wait for the voice prompt.

Type your home phone number, and then press the "#" key.

Type your PIN and press the "#" key. The PIN is the last four digits of your phone number.vvvv

Wait for the voice menu to prompt you for a feature code, and then type "72#" on the dial pad.

Dial the phone number you want to forward your calls to. If the number is within the 518 area code, you only need to enter seven digits. If it is in a different area code, dial "1" the area code, and the number.

Press "1" to confirm you typed the correct number and listen for the confirmation message.