How Do I Email IMVU?

By Alexandra Bee

With IMVU, create virtual avatars to make an online presence to talk with people from around the world.
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IMVU is a free online 3D virtual avatar application for users to design and create a virtual presence online to meet and chat with others using the program. Whether you are in need of customer service or billing information regarding your IMVU account, IMVU makes it simple to contact and email them regarding your issues without extensive technical knowledge or information.

Open your default Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and visit IMVU's official website.

Scroll to the bottom of the main homepage and select "Contact Us."

Select "Billing Support", "Customer Support" or "Creator Support" to contact and email the proper department you need to contact from IMVU.

Log in using your IMVU username and password. Select "Sign Up" to create an IMVU account for free if you are not currently registered.

Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the reason for your message as well as your own contact information for replies.

Press "Submit" to send your email message to IMVU. IMVU will respond to your submitted message using the email address you entered in your contact information.