How Do I Program My JVC DVD Remote to Work for My TV?

By James Clark

Program a JVC remote control to work with a DVD player and television.
i remote control image by Hao Wang from

JVC DVD remote controls can be programmed to operate different television brands, so both components can be turned on and off with a single remote. The JVC instruction manual contains a listing of codes for most television brands, so the programming is simply a matter of locating the correct code in the manual and entering the three-digit number into the JVC remote.

Locate the your TV brand's three-digit TV remote control code in the index of the JVC owner's manual. If an owner's manual is unavailable, use the links in the References section to locate the code for a particular brand of TV.

Press and hold the "TV" power button along the top of the remote control.

Press and release the "TV" button in the "Control" section of buttons on the remote control, near the lower end of the remote.

Enter the three-digit code for the specific TV model using the remote control keypad, for example, 123.

Release the "TV" power button, then press it again to test the programming. The TV should now turn on and off when the "TV" button is pressed.