How do I Change DSS to Play on a Media Player?

By Theodora Pennypacker

DSS is an acronym for Digital Speech Standard, the digital audio format was developed by the International Voice Association. DSS files are generated by digital voice recorders or speech recognition programs. While they are commonly used to create transcripts in professional environments like law firms, DSS files are not widely distributed. Since the digital audio format is so highly specialized, it is not compatible with major media players like QuickTime, Windows Media Player or VLC. Nonetheless, users can still enable playback for a DSS file by converting it into a more popular format like WAV.

Download and install a file conversion application that can transcode a DSS file into the WAV format. DSS to Wave Converter, Switch Audio File Converter and iWisoft Free Video Converter are some applications that can be used to perform this task. While DSS to Wave Converter and Switch Audio File Converter are licensed programs, iWisoft Free Video Converter is distributed for free.

Import the DSS input file into the file conversion application. Program a WAV output format and execute the file conversion. A confirmation message will appear when the WAV output file has been successfully generated.

Launch a media player and load the WAV output file into the application. The audio will stream through the program. Manage playback of the file with the commands on the control bar. Close the application when done listening to the audio.