How Do I Download Songs From the Internet to My PowerPoint?

by Charlie Higgins

Adding music to the background of a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to engage your audience. As with its many other features, PowerPoint makes embedding music into a presentation easily accessible. After choosing an appropriate song to accompany your presentation, you can download it from the Internet if you don't have the MP3 file already. It takes just a few steps to make that song a part of your PowerPoint presentation.



Download the song or songs you want to add to your PowerPoint presentation. The best format to download songs in is MP3 because it is smaller; but PowerPoint will not let you embed MP3 files, only link to them. Download WAV files if you want to embed the music. Purchase song files from any reputable downloading site and make sure you acquire the necessary copyright permissions to add the songs to your presentation.


Add the songs to your PowerPoint presentation. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click "Insert," "Movies and sounds" and "Sound from file" from the main menu bar. Under the "Files of Type" drop-down menu, choose "MP3 audio file (MP3)" or "Windows audio file (WAV)" depending on what type of file you downloaded. Click "OK." An alert message will ask you how you want the music to start, so click "Automatically" or "When Clicked" depending on your preference.


Embed songs (WAV files only) into your PowerPoint presentation. Click on "Options" from the main menu and choose the "General" tab. In the "Link sounds with file size greater than" field, increase the Kb limit to at least 6,000. Most song files are less than 6 MB or 6,000 Kb, though you may want to increase it even more if you're playing lengthy classical music tracks. Check your song files so that they correspond to the maximum setting here. The limit for embedding files is 50 MB total.


If you want the song to continually play across multiple slides, select “Slide Show" and "Custom Animation” from the menu bar. Choose “Effect options” from the sound drop-down menu. Click on the “Effect” tab and choose “Stop Playing After XXX Slides.” Enter the amount of slides in your presentation. You can also write “999” in case you keep adding slides and want the song to play over them regardless of the number of slides.

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