How Do I Dispute a Sprint Phone Bill?

By Traci Bridges

Peruse your Sprint bill carefully to make sure all charges are valid.
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Each month, you receive a statement from Sprint detailing your charges for a cycle of phone service and any applicable charges. If you suddenly notice a foreign charge or something you don't think belongs, there are steps you can take to dispute your bill and remedy the situation. Any dispute to a charge or bill must be made within 60 days of the date of the bill that contained the charge. So take action as soon as you notice the problem.

Step 1

Notify Sprint's customer service department at the number listed on your invoice. You also may put your dispute in writing and use a stamped envelope to mail it to Sprint Correspondence, P.O. Box 15955, Shawnee Mission, KS 66285-5955.

Step 2

Explain your dispute and provide Sprint with any and all documentation to support your claim. Also include what resolution you hope to reach. Plead your case to the customer service representative, and see if she will adjust your bill to your satisfaction.

Step 3

If you don't reach any resolution with the representative, you must pursue your dispute further. Under the contract you sign when you purchase service from Sprint, you agree to settle all disputes only by arbitration. In arbitration, there's no judge or jury and review is limited. The arbitrator, however, must honor all terms and limitations in the agreement. He also can award damages and relief, including attorney's fees.

Step 4

If you are still unable to resolve your dispute to your satisfaction within 60 days of notifying Sprint, you may take your dispute to small claims court. You do not need an attorney to do this. Go to your local courthouse and file the claim. It generally costs $40 or less to file such a claim, and Sprint may settle with you when they receive notice of a court date.