How Do I Program Speed Dialing With My AT&T Home Phone?

By ChristopherVitanza

Speed dialing makes making calls much easier.
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Programming the speed dialing on an AT&T landline home phone is a straightforward process that should only take a few minutes to complete successfully. Speed dialing enables you to program your telephone with the numbers that you call most frequently so that you only have to press a single number each time you want to dial that number. AT&T makes the programming process simple with the proper instructions.

Listen for a dial tone and enter one of the following codes. If your original phone provider was Qwest, SBC or Verizon East/West, dial "*74." If your original phone provider was any other provider, dial "74#."

Enter the one-digit number that you would like to assign to the number (anywhere between 2 and 9) followed by the full telephone number that you would like to assign to that number.

Listen for a series of short tones being played after the numbers were entered. If you hear this series of tones, that number was successfully programmed as a speed dial number.