How Do I Create Curved Text in Autodesk Inventor?

By Theon Weber

Autodesk Inventor mechanical-design utility did not support the creation of text curved into an arc or aligned into some other geometric shape until Inventor 2009. This version added the "geometry-aligned text" feature. If your version of the program is 2009 or later, adding curved text is now possible. Otherwise, you still must copy/paste from a different program such as AutoCAD.

Create an arc normally as if it were part of your drawing.

Click the "Sketch" tab, then the "Draw" panel and then "Geometry Text."

Select the arc to which you want the text to align. The Geometry Text dialog box appears.

Enter the text you want and make any formatting modifications using the tools in the dialog box.

Click "Update" to make the text appear in the sketch. If you're happy with it, click "OK," or click "Select" to select another arc to create more curved text.