How do I Create a Free Letterhead Background for Email?

By Matt Scheer

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A letterhead for email is like sending an email on personalized stationery. The letterhead identifies a specific person or company as the sender. Most companies use letterhead to write letters specifically pertaining to the company. The letterhead gives the email a sense of professionalism and legitimacy. Creating a free letterhead to use with a personal or business email account requires only a few steps. Once it's made, it can be used over and over again.

Step 1

Visit a website such as Online Letterhead or Power Plugs (see Resources--note that Power Plugs has a free trial version) that helps create company letterhead. These sites compile your personal or business information and format it into letterhead that you don't have to design.

Step 2

Input all relevant letterhead information. Letterhead sites guide the user through this. Relevant information usually includes name, telephone, email address, fax number and address. Only input information that is to appear in the letterhead.

Step 3

Choose a format for the letterhead. Scroll through the various forms of letterhead available on the website and pick one that looks good to you. Preview the letterhead with the information you supplied earlier. Make any changes to information or format based on whether you like the preview.

Step 4

Email the letterhead to a personal email account if this is an option on the site. Some sites ask the user to save the image directly from the site. If this is the case, click on the image and save it to the stationery file for the email program you use.

Step 5

Open the email from the site. Download and save the attachments to the computer. Save them to the stationery file for the program you are using to email.