How do I Open a Corrupted or Invalid Zip File?

by Contributor

Zip files, also known as archives, are compressed files. They are sometimes used to keep several files together that pertain to the same information. Sometimes the files become corrupt or invalid and you are unable to open the file. There is software available on the Internet that recovers invalid archives and repairs corrupted zip files. Some sites offer a free trial version while others offer free downloads. The downside is that you only are able to use a portion of the software until you purchase the product.


Install a program to open zip files if you do not already have such a program on your computer. This program allows you to double-click on the zip attachment to open. Here is where you may encounter a corruption or invalid archive.


Open your zip repair software and select the corrupted or invalid files and click on the "Next" button. Depending on the size of the zip file, the damage and your computer speed the recovery process may be quick or it may take a long time.


Select the files that appear after they have been located. You can choose to select specific damaged files or there may be a button that allows you to "Check all files." Another option is to check a box that will only recover the files that can be done correctly--in other words--completed files. If you check this option the software will not recover corrupted or invalid archives that it cannot completely repair. Choose the "Next" button to continue.


Choose the folder you want the recovered files to go to once the repair is completed. This can be a new folder or an existing folder. The software will then begin the recovery process and upon completion you will be able to access the files from the folder you specified. Remember that depending on the zip repair software you use these directions may vary slightly.

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