How to Copy From a CD to a Laptop

By Elle Smith

Copying data to your laptop from a CD is quick and economical.
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If you work a lot on your laptop, you probably know the importance of backing up your information on a portable storage device like a CD. Data stored on a CD can be shared with other computer users or transferred back to your laptop in the case of loss or erasure of your laptop's data. CDs are an economical and quick way to share data with your laptop; if you no longer want the disk, you can simply throw it out or reuse it if you have rewritable CD-RW disks.

Step 1

Insert the CD with the data you wish to copy to your laptop.

Step 2

Select the green "Start" button, then select "Computer."

Step 3

Double-click the CD drive option to open the CD.

Step 4

Select the file or folder on the CD you wish to copy to your laptop. Hold down the "CTRL" key and press "C" to copy the file.

Step 5

Click again on the "Computer" window, then select the hard drive icon and double-click to open it. Locate the folder to which you wish to copy the file by clicking through the folders, such as "Documents and Settings." Double-click on the folder to open it, then press the "CTRL" and "V" keys to paste the file into the folder.