How do I Convert MP3 to Notation?

by David Gray

An mp3 file is a common format for encoding audio files. Several software programs are capable of generating sheet music (called notation) from digital files, although the mp3 must first be converted to MIDI format. While these programs can be very expensive, they often have free trial versions.


Download and install software capable of generating sheet music from mp3 music files, such as WIDI Recognition System and Notation Musician (see Resources). You may have to restart your computer to complete the installation.


Launch WIDI Recognition System and open the mp3 file you wish to convert to notation.


Select "Transcribe > Transcribe Audio Into MIDI." This creates a .MIDI file, which is a multi-track audio file. The WIDI Recognition System separates the different components of the mp3 (voice, guitar, drums, etc) and encodes them onto separate tracks in the MIDI file.


Launch Notation Musician and open the MIDI file you just created. The software should automatically convert the file into musical notation, which you can then edit, annotate, and print.


  • close Unfortunately, the free trial of the WIDI Recognition System only allows 10 seconds of MIDI audio to be saved. Another program, Intelliscore (see Resources), promises to be able to differentiate between different instruments on the same mp3 track, but its trial version similarly only allows 30 seconds to be saved.

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