How Do I Connect a Dell Latitude to a TV?

by Steve McDonnell
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The Dell Latitude is a family of a laptops manufactured by Dell Computer Corporation. The Dell Latitude Family includes an S-Video, or Separated Video, adapter, often called a "Super Video" adapter. S-Video utilizes a mini-DIN plug to provide a video signal from the Dell Latitude to any television with RCA jack inputs, and provides a better-quality signal than a composite video connection. You can connect a Dell Latitude to a television with an S-Video cable for the video portion. For the audio portion, it's easiest to listen to the audio through the Dell Latitude speakers, since the laptop and television need to be in close proximity to each other anyway.

Step 1

Connect one end of an S-Video cable to the S-Video jack on the back of the Latitude.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the S-Video cable to the S-Video input jack on the television.

Step 3

Shut down and power off the Dell Latitude. Ensure that the television is turned on. Power up the Dell Latitude to view the picture on the television screen rather than on the laptop screen.

Click "Start" and "Control Panel." Select "Adjust screen resolution" under "Appearance and Personalization" if you want to adjust the resolution of the picture from the Latitude to the television set. Click "OK" when done to save your changes.


  • Simply disconnecting the S-Video cable will not return the video to the Dell Latitude Screen. To stop viewing the video on the television, you must power on the Latitude without the S-Video cable connected.


  • This solution has been tested by Dell on the Dell Latitude D410, D420, D530, D531N, D610, D630N, D630c, D631, D6341N, D810, D820 and D830 laptops and is supported by Dell Technical Support.


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