How Do Computers Help Businesses?

By Ernestine Hill

Computers automate projects and provide communications methods for businesses.
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Today's businesses cannot survive without the aid of computers. Computers guide every aspect of the business from product design, communications, purchasing, sales, advertising, and the personnel needed to operate the computers. However, as important as these features are, they make up only a minute part of the computer's leading influence on businesses.

Business Communication

One of the computer's greatest assets to businesses and the rest of the world is the closure of the communication time lapse. Business correspondence sent through regular channels once took days to reach its destination. That process now takes seconds through the Internet. Since the advent of the personal computer and the Internet, businesses have had instant access to changing global markets, world weather trends, political unrest, and other world challenges that drive those markets. This instant globalization of communication has dramatically changed the way the world does business.

Product Design

Computer Aided Design software helps businesses create designs and then develop those designs into new products. The use of computers has shortened the time between design and development. Designers now use the computer to detail and perfect designs once done solely by hand before they were ready for production. In 2010, final designs are done by computer-assisted manufacture software. This software quickly helps produce different parts needed for the final product.


The computer has completely changed the face of business advertising. Prior to computer advertising, sales information was distributed through flyers, radio announcements, television, newspapers and magazines. Today, few business websites can be found lacking advertisements. Through the computer, businesses can display product information to worldwide audiences never before reached.

Human Resources

Many office tasks once performed by humans are now done by computers. That has allowed businesses to reduce staff in those areas and increase staff where it's needed. Human resources software screens job candidates, tracks employees, produces payroll, provides training and development. It also keeps track of raises, time and attendance records, appraisals, salary, and benefits for the employees.

Purchasing and Sales

Most business purchases and sales are done by computer. Office machinery, equipment and office supplies among others are purchased through the Internet from supplier catalogs published on their websites. Company purchasing agents once traveled to suppliers for even small office supply purchases. In 2010, the buyer goes to the seller's website, types in the item number, and purchases the item for next-day delivery.