How Do I Get My Computer Out of Sleep Mode?

by Michael Butler

When you put your computer into sleep mode, the processor stops working and the monitor goes blank. This saves power. For example, a laptop's battery lasts much longer in sleep mode than it does if the computer is in regular mode. You can put your computer into sleep mode manually or set it to enter sleep mode after remaining idle for a set period of time. Waking your computer from sleep mode depends on the manufacturer and model. To wake up your computer, you can try several different methods.

Move the mouse. This wakes up some computers.

Press a key on the keyboard. It does not matter which one you press.

Press the "Power" button.

Open the lid of a laptop, notebook or netbook. This will not work for all models.


  • check If the above methods do not work, trying holding the power button for five to 10 seconds until your computer shuts down completely, then restart it.
  • check If that still does not work, disconnect from the power supply completely. Unplug it. Take out a laptop's battery. Wait a few moments, then reconnect the power supply. Start the computer.

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