How Do I Color Code Appointments in Outlook Calendar?

by Kathryn Hatter

Color-coding can help organize, such as creating a system that utilizes specific colors for specific items. For a calendar that includes business and personal duties and events, assigning colors to activities can help you quickly pinpoint each day's demands. Using an Outlook calendar on a computer allows color-coding of appointments to help organize your day.


Open the Outlook calendar.


Create a system by assigning colors to various activities and duties. For example, choose red for all management meetings, blue for conferences, yellow for training seminars and green for special projects. If the calendar is for personal life management, one system is to assign a different color to each family member.


Right-click on any appointment on the calendar and select "Categorize" from the drop-down menu that appears. Click on the color you desire for the appointment, and the appointment will immediately turn that color. If this appointment is recurring, every instance of it will automatically turn the color you just assigned.


Set a color-coding system for appointments and calendar entries by clicking "Categorize" in the ribbon above the calendar. Select "All Categories" and then click "New." Select a color and assign the category a name that applies to appointments or duties you frequently enter into the calendar.

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