How do I Change Ink in a 4215 HP?

By Jason Artman

The HP Officejet 4215 is a business printer with a built-in fax machine. While the fax machine portion of the Officejet 4215 does not have a standard telephone handset, the printer does have the ability to send and receive transmissions in black and white or color--even without using a computer. Additionally, the Officejet 4215 functions as a copying machine and scanner. The Officejet 4215 is an office workhorse, and if yours has received regular use, documents produced by the printer may be faded or appear to have missing lines. If this is the case, it is time to change the ink cartridges.

Load the Officejet 4215 with a sheet of paper before beginning.

Lift the curved panel on the right side of the Officejet 4215. After a moment, you should see the ink cartridges come into view from the left. If not, make sure the Officejet 4215 is turned on.

Gently push straight down on either ink cartridge to make it click and come out of its carrier. Pull it toward you to remove it from the printer. If you only need to replace one ink cartridge, remove the left cartridge to replace the color ink, or remove the right cartridge to replace the black ink.

Unwrap the new Officejet 4215 cartridge and gently peel the plastic strip protecting the sensitive components on the bottom of the cartridge. Do not touch these components after removing the strip.

Position the Officejet 4215 ink cartridge with the label facing up and the cartridge in front of and slightly below the empty compartment. Push the cartridge up and forward to install it. You should feel a click when the cartridge is inserted correctly. Lower the lid on the right side of the Officejet 4215, or repeat the replacement procedure with the second cartridge if needed.

Push the "OK" button on the Officejet 4215 control panel after closing the lid. The printer prints a test sheet to adjust the alignment of the new cartridges.