How do I Change CWK to a PDF?

By Mara Shannon

CWK indicates a file created with ClarisWorks.
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The file extension CWK indicates a file created with ClarisWorks, later called AppleWorks, an early word processing program and office suite for Mac and Windows. Since ClarisWorks is not a commonly used program anymore, converting a CWK document to PDF will make it easier for others to view the document without having to purchase special software. The conversion may give you trouble, however, if you do not have a program on your computer that can read CWK files.

Step 1

Download and install a free PDF printing program, such as PrimoPDF, doPDF or Pdf995.

Step 2

Open the CWK file in ClarisWorks or AppleWorks, then proceed to Step 5. If you do not have these programs and are using a Mac, download and install a free trial of iWork, then open the CWK file in that program. If you're using a PC and do not have a program to open the CWK file, proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Download and install the free trial version of a file converter that can read CWK files, such as docXConverter (for PC or Mac), DataViz ConversionsPlus (for PC) or MacLinkPlus Deluxe (for Mac).

Step 4

Convert the CWK file to DOC (Microsoft Word) or RTF (rich text format) using the file converter. Open the converted file in Microsoft Word or a free word processing program, such as OpenOffice or AbiWord.

Step 5

Select "File" and click "Print". Select the Print to PDF program's name from the printer list, then click "OK" or "Print". Follow the Print to PDF program's instructions to save the file as a PDF.