How Do You Block Your Cell Number When Calling Someone?

By Riz Khan

Wireless service providers offer a convenient way of blocking the caller ID on a cell phone. When you block your caller ID, the person you are calling will not be able to see your phone number. This is a useful feature that can prevent your phone number from being shown when you're making inquiries about a particular product or service, or when you're calling a friend or family member and don't want the person you're calling to know it is you.

Step 1

Contact your network carrier to permanently activate caller ID block on your phone. This feature is also called a line block and is offered by most wireless carriers for fixed monthly charges.

Step 2

Press "*82" before dialing any phone number to deactivate caller ID block only for this call after permanent caller ID block has been set up on your phone.

Activate caller ID on a per-call basis, i.e. only for one phone call, by pressing "*67" on your phone followed by the phone number to which you do not want to display your caller ID.