How Do I Copy Internal Memory to a Card With a Canon Vixia HF10?

By Nick Miles

The Canon high-definition HF10 camcorder comes with plenty of storage options for saving recorded video footage. It features an internal 16GB flash drive along with an expandable SDHC memory slot that takes a removable, high-capacity SD memory stick. You can transfer footage recorded onto the camera's internal memory to a memory card for viewing on your computer or a TV set.

Step 1

Insert the SD card and switch on the camcorder. Use the the "Mode" dial to select the Playback icon on the LCD display screen.

Step 2

Use the up and down arrow buttons to select and highlight the video file that you want to copy.

Step 3

Press the Func key and select Copy.

Step 4

Choose one of the following options. All Scenes copies all the footage on the camcorder; All Scenes [Date] copies all scenes that were recorded the same day as the selected scene; and One Scene copies only the selected and highlighted scene.

Step 5

Select Yes to confirm your selection. Select OK and then Func again to copy the video to the card.