How do I Replace a Canon MP830 Ink Cartridge?

By Jason Artman

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The Canon PIXMA MP830 is an inkjet printer that combines the features of an all-in-one office printer with those of a photo printer. The PIXMA MP830 includes a scanner that can scan or copy both sides of an original document simultaneously. It also includes a fax machine and incorporates a five-color ink system for vivid photos. If you find that documents or photos have blank lines or come out of the printer with a faded appearance, it may be time to change the ink cartridges.

Step 1

Examine the screen on the front of the PIXMA MP830 to determine which ink cartridge(s) need to be replaced. The screen will display the message "Ink has run out," and the graphic will show a picture of the empty ink cartridge(s).

Step 2

Raise the center cover of the PIXMA MP830, including the scanner glass. The cover locks into place, allowing you to work without continuing to hold it.

Step 3

Lower the paper tray in the front of the PIXMA MP830.

Step 4

Push the plastic release lever in front of the ink cartridge to be replaced. This unlocks the ink cartridge. Lift the cartridge vertically out of the PIXMA MP830.

Step 5

Peel the cellophane off the new cartridge, and twist the protective cap off the nozzle on the bottom.

Step 6

Push the cartridge straight down into the empty compartment until the release lever clicks to indicate that the cartridge is locked in place.

Step 7

Remove and replace all remaining ink cartridges displayed on the PIXMA MP830 screen, repeating the above steps.

Step 8

Close the top lid of the PIXMA MP830 after replacing the ink cartridges.