How Do I Cancel My NetZero Internet Service?

by Nick Davis

Your NetZero Internet service has served you for a number of months or years. But it is time to cancel the service. You may be moving or just changing to an Internet service through your local phone company or cable television provider. Canceling your NetZero service is as easy as calling an 800 number and providing your account information.

Clearing Out Any Emails

Before canceling your NetZero Internet service, save or print any emails you have stored on the service's email system. Save the emails to a CD/DVD, print them or forward them to another email address. Also, don't forget about any contacts you have in your address book. Send the people in your address book an email with your new email address or information on how to contact you via regular mail. Tip: Inform everyone of the change in email addresses early so people can use your new email address instead of the old one. This will help reduce the number of missed emails and lost communication with your contacts.

Canceling the NetZero Service

To cancel the service, call (800) 851-7908 and provide the customer service representative your NetZero Member ID and the last four digits of the credit card you used to pay for the account or Platinum account number for verification purposes. The customer service representative will then give you a confirmation number and explain any final billing that will occur. Once the service has been canceled, watch your credit card billing statement and make sure you are not being billed for any additional months of service.

Removing Any NetZero Software

Once you have canceled the service, remove any NetZero software from your system by using the "Add/Remove Programs" program on your system or by using the NetZero Uninstall program found in the "NetZero" folder on your system. To use Windows "Add/Remove" program, click "Start," "Control Panel" and then click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. Scroll and locate the NetZero software and click "Remove." Follow and respond to any on-screen prompts to finish the removal process.

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