How Do You Burn a Karaoke DVD?

By Quinten Plummer

Find out how to burn your karaoke tracks to DVDs.
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Burning your karaoke files onto DVD can provide you with a lot of flexibility for where you can play your karaoke disc. With karaoke CDs, you have to ensure that the CD drive you're using will accept discs containing CD+G's--and even then you may encounter problems playing the disc on CD+G-compatible drives. But, by converting your CD+G and MP3+G into video and burning them to DVDs, you can play your DVDs on just about any DVD player.

Step 1

Convert your CD+G or MP3+G karaoke files into video files. Download and install a free copy of "karaoke to video" conversion utility, such as Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter or AVS Video Converter (see References).

Step 2

Load your karaoke files into the converter using the "Browse" or "Add File" option. Set the video output format as WMV, MPG or AVI, then select the converter's "Encode" or "Convert" option to encode your files.

Step 3

Launch the Windows DVD Maker (Start> All Programs> Windows DVD Maker). Click on the "Add File" button. Use the file explorer window that appears to locate your karaoke video files and add them to Windows DVD Maker.

Step 4

Click "Next," back in the main menu of the program. Choose a menu template from the panel, located on the left side of DVD Maker. Click on the "Menu Text" option to add custom text to your karaoke DVD's menu.

Step 5

Insert a blank DVD into your computer's CD/DVD-ROM drive. Check the DVD player that you'll be using the karoake DVD on to ensure that the type of DVD you're using--such as DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, etc.--will play on the DVD player. Click "Burn."