How Do I Take My Barcode & Make a UCC-128 Label?

By Matthew Burley

Bar codes are a sequence of black and white lines that represent a string of data. Many types of bar codes are used in a variety of ways. One such bar code is in the UCC-128 format, typically used as part of a UCC-128 shipping label. These labels are prevalent among large companies with specific shipping requirements. If you need to ship something using a UCC-128 bar code label, you need to correctly insert several pieces of information into the label.

Step 1

Click the "Start" button in the lower-left corner of the screen, then click the "All Programs" option and select your shipping label program.

Step 2

Select the "Label" or "Options" menu and specify the UCC-128 label format.

Step 3

Type your name and address into the top-left cell of your shipping label. Note that you have to click inside each cell into which you wish to insert information.

Step 4

Enter the recipient's information into the top-right cell of the shipping label.

Step 5

Enter your shipping carrier's information into the cell underneath your recipient's shipping information.

Step 6

Type the purchase order number and department number, as well as any additional information required by your recipient, into the cell underneath the shipping carriers' information.

Step 7

Enter the store number for your shipment into the right cell underneath the purchase order number.

Insert your UCC-128 bar code into the bottom cell of the UCC-128 shipping label. You can either use the "Insert" function of your shipping label program, or you can right-click on the bar code image and select the "Copy" option, then right-click inside the bar code cell and select the "Paste" option.