How Do I Take My Barcode & Make a UCC-128 Label?

By Matthew Burley

Bar codes are a sequence of black and white lines that represent a string of data. Many types of bar codes are used in a variety of ways. One such bar code is in the UCC-128 format, typically used as part of a UCC-128 shipping label. These labels are prevalent among large companies with specific shipping requirements. If you need to ship something using a UCC-128 bar code label, you need to correctly insert several pieces of information into the label.

Click the "Start" button in the lower-left corner of the screen, then click the "All Programs" option and select your shipping label program.

Select the "Label" or "Options" menu and specify the UCC-128 label format.

Type your name and address into the top-left cell of your shipping label. Note that you have to click inside each cell into which you wish to insert information.

Enter the recipient's information into the top-right cell of the shipping label.

Enter your shipping carrier's information into the cell underneath your recipient's shipping information.

Type the purchase order number and department number, as well as any additional information required by your recipient, into the cell underneath the shipping carriers' information.

Enter the store number for your shipment into the right cell underneath the purchase order number.

Insert your UCC-128 bar code into the bottom cell of the UCC-128 shipping label. You can either use the "Insert" function of your shipping label program, or you can right-click on the bar code image and select the "Copy" option, then right-click inside the bar code cell and select the "Paste" option.