How to Do a Backup on an Acer Aspire One

By Jason Taetsch

You can only restore your hard drive if you have a backup of your data.
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It's an excellent idea to create a back up for the hard drive on your Acer Aspire One. Backups protect your valuable data and important personal files, such as digital photos and video. Without a backup, you are at risk of losing your personal data forever. If your hard drive crashes or you need to recover your computer's operating system due to a spyware infection, you can only accomplish this if your data has been preserved. Back your data up to an external hard drive so you can restore important files if necessary.

Step 1

Plug the USB cable from the external hard drive into an open USB port on your computer.

Step 2

Click "Start > Control Panel > System and Security," then "Backup and Restore."

Step 3

Click "Set Up Backup" in the interface that appears, then select the external hard drive option shown to set the backup destination.

Step 4

Click "Let Me Choose" to open a file selection window. Click the check box for "Create system image drives" to include a copy of your Windows system files on the backup. Click the check box for each program or folder you want to backup, then click "Next."

Step 5

Click "Save Settings and Run Backup" in the confirmation window.