How do I Troubleshoot the TV Audio on a Sennheiser HDR 110?

By James Clark

One end of a stereo cable for connecting the Sennheiser transmitter to a TV.
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Sennheiser manufactures a line of wireless headphones that work with a transmitter to send audio signals from virtually any device with 1/4-inch or 3.5mm audio output jacks, including a TV. The headphones are rated at a roaming range of up to 100 meters, sou you can enjoy TV audio indoors or out. If problems arise, try troubleshooting the Sennheiser unit before turning to a repair center for help.

Push the two plugs on each end of the stereo cable firmly into the jacks on the rear of the Sennheiser transmitter and the audio outputs on the back of the TV. This ensures a good signal connection.

Plug in the power cord for the transmitter to confirm the unit is receiving electricity.

Turn the right earpiece on the Sennheiser headphone counterclockwise to remove the cover and expose the battery compartment.

Install two AAA batteries in the headphone battery compartment and replace the cover.

Slide the "ON/OFF" switch on the edge of the headphone to the "ON" position.

Move closer to the TV and the Sennheiser transmitter to be sure the headphone is within reception range.

Press the "Menu" button on the TV remote control to access the audio selections and verify the set is not set to "Mute" by using the up and down or left and right arrow keys to switch off the mute function. Press the volume button on the TV or the remote, as the headphones will not produce audio if the source component's volume is set at zero.