How Do I Get My Audio Back on My Laptop?

By Mel Frank

i Jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images

Computer settings can often get changed, leaving your laptop computer without sound. Whether you like to hear the "ding" every time you send or receive an instant message, or you're looking to watch a movie or listen to a CD on the laptop, the audio is an important aspect of the laptop. To restore audio, you simply need to check and repair a few simple settings on the laptop.

Step 1

Check the volume icon located at the bottom righthand side of your computer screen. If the icon as a red slash through the icon, this means your speakers are muted.

Step 2

Unmute the speakers by doing one of two tasks. Find the mute button on your keyboard, which is typically has a sound or speaker icon with a slash through the middle. Press the button and sound should be restored. Alternately, double-click on the speaker icon at the bottom righthand side of the screen. A gray box will display, with a line of "Mute" boxes along the bottom of the box. Make sure all of these boxes are unchecked, then close the box. Also make sure all of the sound bars are at their highest level. Sound should be restored.

Step 3

Check your computer settings if neither of the above options work. Right-click the volume icon on your computer screen, and select "Adjust Audio Properties."

Step 4

Click "Advanced" from the Speaker Settings box at the bottom of the pop-up screen. Then choose "Laptop Speakers." Click "Apply," then close the box. Sound should now be restored.