How to Do Attachments to Email

by Steve Gregory

One of the most powerful, yet simple features in most email programs is the capability to send attachments. Photos, text documents and even snippets of audio or video can be sent along with an email. The procedure to upload an attachment to an email and send it is almost identical, regardless of the email service provider or the email client application.

Launch a Web browser and navigate to your email account login page and log into your account, or launch the email client application on your computer.

Click "Compose" or New Message" to open the new email form.

Type in the recipient address, subject and message in the appropriate text boxes.

Click "Attach" or "Attach a File," and then navigate to the file on your computer you want to send.

Double-click the file to attach it to the email. If you want to add another file, click "Attach" or "Attach a File" again and upload the file to the email.

Click "Send" to send the email with the attached file or files.


  • close Many email service providers have file size limitations on attachments. Refer to your provider for the exact size limitation that is set.

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