How do I Adjust the Volume on Jawbone?

By Hal Bartle

Connect to a Jabra BT135
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A Jawbone is a Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free receiver for your mobile phone. The device has a Noise Assassin feature that blocks out any background noise, allowing the other person to hear clearly. Depending on your environment and the surrounding noise, you may need to adjust the volume on the headset to hear at a comfortable level.


The original noise cancelling feature was called the "Noise Shield." You can adjust the volume on the Jawbone by pushing the "Noise Shield Button." Press the button to incrementally increase the volume. There are six different volume levels; the volume will reset to the lowest level once completely cycled through.

Jawbone 2 & Jawbone Prime

The volume for the Jawbone 2 and the Jawbone Prime are adjusted the same way. Press the "Noise Assassin Button" to increase the volume of the headset. Like the original Jawbone, once the headset is at the maximum volume, once the button is pressed again, it will reset to the minimum level.

Jawbone ICON

To change the volume on the Jawbone ICON you must press the "ICON TALK BUTTON" and hold it in. The volume will increase as long as the button is depressed. The volume will reset to the lowest level after it reaches the highest level.