How Do I Add Stationery to My Email?

by Liz Jones

When you send an email, the system defaults to a plain white background with black text color, and this serves as no stationery or a blank background. You can change this background and add stationery to your email to give your email a personal look and feel. You can change the email stationery background with every email you write if you choose.

Add Stationery

Every email provider will be a little different in how they allow you to access stationery, but the basic rules are the same for all. Open your email client, then choose compose an email. The next screen will show you an empty box within which you write your email. Look at the top of the email box; you should see a row of icons. If you hold your mouse over the icon, a word will appear that tells you what that icon does. Find the icon for stationery and click on it. This will open a pop-up box with all of the stationery choices for your provider. If you click on a category, it will open a sub-category with the choices. Click on the choice you want and your email will change to that background. If you do not like your choice, simply click on another choice to change the stationery. If you decide you do not want to use stationery, click on "Cancel." Your email box will return to the white background. Some providers will make stationery choices available in the preferences or settings. If you do not see the option for stationery in your compose an email choice, close out of it and go to settings (some providers will call this options or preferences). Find the option for stationery and click on that then click on the categories. Click on your choice of stationery from the sub-categories list. Open your compose an email option and you should see your email with the stationery choice. When you want to change your choice, you will have to do it through the settings button.


If you can choose stationery through the compose an email option, you do not have to do anything to cancel this choice. Each time you write an email, you will choose your option or the email will default to the white background. Some email providers will default to the last choice you made. In this case, you would open up your stationery choices and chose blank or no choice to return to the default white background. If you want to cancel stationery that you chose in options, go back to settings and choose blank or no choice. Check your email's compose section and you should see the white default background.


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