How Do I Add eBay to My Taskbar?

By Angela M. Wheeland

Pinning websites directly to your Windows taskbar allows you immediate access to the websites that you visit the most. Similar to the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP and Vista, you can pin a website icon to any area of your taskbar. To pin an eBay shortcut to your taskbar, you must use the drag and drop method. After pinning the website to your taskbar, you can open eBay in a Windows Explorer browser with a single click.

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Navigate to the eBay website.

Step 3

To add eBay to your taskbar, drag the site icon from the address bar and drop it anywhere on the taskbar. The site icon is located to the left of the address.

Step 4

Click the pinned icon to open the eBay website in Internet Explorer.

Step 5

If you want to remove the eBay website shortcut from your taskbar, right-click the pinned icon and click "Delete."