How do I Access Windstream Phone Records?

by Lori Spencer
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Windstream Communications provides DSL Internet, Dish Network Television, landline and wireless phone service to three million rural customers across 23 states. Windstream keeps detailed records of every customer's phone usage, which comes in handy when you need to prove the dates and times of calls made or received. Windstream customers can access telephone records in several ways.

Step 1

Review your old phone bills. Monthly billing statements contain a detailed list of all calls--unless the customer specifically requests not to have a call detail page for privacy reasons. If you lost a paper bill or have paperless billing on your account, go to step 2.

Step 2

Create a user account on Windstream's website. Once you've logged in, you can search for a specific date range, review the call records and print a copy. If you don't have an online account, or need records that are more than six months old, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

Call Windstream Communications Customer Service at 1-800-347-1991 and ask a representative to send you a Call Detail Report (CDR). You can also do this in person at your local Windstream office.

Step 4

Answer a series of verification questions and/or provide your PIN to prove that you are the actual account holder.

Step 5

Ask the Customer Service Representative if you must provide any additional documents to process your CDR request. This is necessary in situations where your name may not be on the account but you do have written authorization from the account holder.

Get the name and direct extension of the Customer Service Representative you spoke to and note the date of your CDR request. While the phone records should be mailed to you within 30 days, you may need to follow up with Windstream if the records have not arrived within a month.


  • To protect your privacy and guard against "pretexting" (when an unauthorized person tries to obtain your phone records by pretending to be you), Windstream will only send CDRs by postal mail to the account holder's verified billing address. CDRs cannot be sent by email or fax.
  • "Pretexting" is illegal. According to the Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006, you cannot obtain call records for another person's phone unless you are an immediate family member, a legally authorized representative of the account holder, a member of law enforcement or have a subpoena for a pending legal case.
  • Beware of companies who say they can obtain anyone's phone records for a price. Many of these companies use illegal methods such as "pretexting" to do so. This could get you in legal hot water for invading another person's privacy. Any phone records illegally obtained will be ruled inadmissible as evidence in court.


  • If you need your phone records for an upcoming court date, allow at least 30-45 days lead time. Phone companies process thousands of CDR requests daily. It may take more than a month to get the documents you need.
  • Windstream provides customers a Call Detail Report upon request. However, company policy strictly forbids the release of customer phone records to unauthorized third parties unless compelled to do so by court order.


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