How Do I Set Adobe Reader 9 as the Default for PDF Files?

by Cooper Temple

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are widely used to post material on the Internet, because they may be accessed by anyone with a PDF reader. Most PDF reading applications are free to download, and Adobe Reader is one of the more popular programs. However, if you use a variety of PDF writing and reading programs, the default program to open and view PDF files may be changed. You can set Adobe Reader 9 as the default for PDF files by following a few steps.


Download and install Adobe Reader 9 to your computer. While there are different versions available as the program is updated, the most recent version will be available for download at the Adobe Systems website (


Click once on the Windows "Start" button and select the "Control Panel" option. This will launch a separate "Control Panel" window. Click once on the "Programs" link and then once on the "Default Programs" link. Click one last time on the "Associate a file type" link. This will generate a list of file extensions for you to choose from.


Click once on the "Name" header to sort the file extensions alphabetically. Scroll down until you locate the PDF file extension and click once on it. Click once on the "Change program" button. This will launch a separate window. Click once on the "Browse" button. Use the "Open with" drop down menu to select the "Adobe" folder. Open the "Adobe 9.0" folder and click once on the "AcroRd" option. Click once on the "Open" button and once on the "OK" button on the "Open with" window. This will set Adobe Reader 9 as the default PDF program.

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