How do I Program a 3 in 1 Radioshack Universal Remote?

By Blaze Johnson

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

The RadioShack 3-in-one remote control will allow you to operate your television, VCR/DVD player and satellite/cable box without the need for separate devices. The RadioShack 3-in-one remote control also serves as a suitable replacement if the original remote control for your television, DVD player/VCR, cable/satellite box becomes defective or lost. In order to use your RadioShack 3-in-one remote control with your home entertainment equipment, you will need to properly program the device using a few simple steps.

Programming With The Code Entry Mode

Step 1

Remove the battery cover located on the back of the remote control unit by depressing the plastic tab and lifting the cover.

Step 2

Install the two required AAA batteries inside the remote control and replace the cover.

Step 3

Press the “Setup” button located on the remote control and hold the button until the red indicator light illuminates. Press the button under the device category you wish to program such as “TV," “VCR,” or “CBL”.

Step 4

Find the correct three-digit code listed for your device. You might need to try several codes listed under the device manufacturer before you find the correct one.

Step 5

Enter the three-digit code using the remote control's numeric keypad. Once you have entered a valid code, the indicator light will turn off. Invalid codes will cause the indicator light to flash.

Step 6

Turn on the device manually and press “Channel Up” on your remote control. If you are able to control the device with the remote control, you have successfully programmed the device. If you are unable to control the device, repeat the above steps with a different code listed under the manufacturer.

Programming With The Code Search Function

Step 1

Turn on the device you wish to operate with your RadioShack 3-in-one remote control.

Step 2

Hold the “Setup” button until the indicator light illuminates. Press the device selection button that corresponds with the device you wish to control.

Step 3

Press the “Channel Up” button repeatedly if you are programming the remote control to work with a television or cable box. Repeatedly press the “Power” button on devices such as DVD players or VCRs. Once your television changes channels or your DVD player/VCR turns off from pressing the “Power” button, press the “Enter” button on your remote control to finish the programming sequence.