How to Find the DNS Number

by Gregory Hamel

A DNS, or domain name system, is a system for naming computers, services and other devices on the Internet. Domain name systems translate domain addresses, which people associate with a certain website or service, like, with an actual IP address number, which computers can more easily use. If you plan to modify or configure your Internet connection, you may need to look up your DNS number.

Click "Start," then click "Run."

Type "command," and press "OK." This will bring up a command prompt window.

Type "ipconfig/all" into the prompt, and press the "Enter" key. This will pull up a list of detailed Internet connection information.

Scroll up the list, and look for "DNS servers." There should be a listing of DNS server numbers.


  • check It is also possible to look up a DNS number under networking properties for some Internet connections. When you use the ipconfig/all command, there are several other useful numbers display, such as default gateway, which should be the IP address for your router, if you are using one.


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