How to Get the DLNA to Work on an LG DVD Player

By Steve McDonnell

An LG Blu-Ray player that's a Digital Living Network Applicance, or DLNA, can play movies that are stored on your computer or on a network storage device in addition to playing DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. You can browse, select and control the playback with your LG player remote control as if you had a DVD in the player. You might need to share the movies or videos on your computer through Windows Media Player before the LG player can access them.

Activate DLNA Server

Step 1

Log in to a computer running Windows 7 or later. Launch Windows Media Player.

Step 2

Select "Stream" and choose "Turn On Home Media Streaming."

Step 3

Choose "Turn On Media Streaming" in the media streaming options. Type an administrator password if Windows prompts you or confirm the option by choosing "Yes."

Select "OK" to start your computer running as a DLNA server.

Access Media From LG Player

Step 1

Press "Home" on the LG DVD player remote control and then choose "Home Link."

Step 2

Use the arrow buttons to highlight the computer in the list of DLNA servers. Choose the first listing if a DLNA server appears more than once. Select the second listing if the DVD player prompts you for a password when you choose the first listing.

Step 3

Select "Video" and then choose "All Video" to display a list of videos stored on the DLNA server that you can watch through the DVD player. Press "Select" to play the media.

Repeat the previous step for Music, Photos and Folders.