DIY GPS Tracker

By Palmer Owyoung

Turn your mobile phone into a GPS tracking device.
i Mobile phone image by Fenia from

A do-it-yourself Global Positioning System tracker allows you to know the whereabouts of a person or vehicle. You can make one using an inexpensive web-enabled mobile phone and a free piece of software. You should never use this device to do anything illegal like following someone without their knowledge. However you can use it with your own phone to keep tabs on friends, family members or employees.

Get a mobile phone that can connect to the Internet. You can purchase these from any cell phone service provider such as Verizon, Sprint, or Tracfone. Make sure to also sign up for an unlimited data plan. This will allow you to use the GPS tracker as much as you want without extra costs.

Register with a GPS program. There are dozens available. A few that you can consider using are AmazeGPS, Buddyway and Google Maps for Mobile. All of these will turn your Internet mobile phone into a GPS tracker. As of 2010 these programs are all free. Register by providing a cell phone number, email address, user name and password. You will get a confirmation text message with a link.

Open up the text on your mobile phone and click on the link. That will take you to the download page. Download the application and install it by clicking on the file. Agree to the terms and conditions and wait for the program to finish installing.

Go to the "Menu" and then to "Applications" and launch the GPS program. This will begin sending your location to the website making it trackable. A map will appear on your phone giving you your location. You can use this to navigate with.

Log on to the website that you registered with. You can use a computer or any Internet enabled device. A map will appear with the location of the phone. You are provided with the longitude, latitude, direction and speed of the phone. You can now track it anywhere it goes. However, the application needs to be on.