How to Divide One Cell by Another

by C. Taylor

Spreadsheets, such as Microsoft's Excel and OpenOffice's Calc, allow you to perform complex calculations by referencing information in grid-like cells. Cells are referenced based on the vertical column letter and a horizontal row number. As an example, a cell reference of "B2" refers to column "B" and row "2;" where they intersect is the cell being referenced. Regardless of the spreadsheet program used, you can reference and divide two cells using the same method.

Enter the dividend, or the number being divided by the other, in cell "A1." As an example, say you enter 20 in "A1."

Enter the divisor, or the number being divided into the dividend, in cell "A2." In the example, say number is a "5."

Enter "=A1/A2" in cell A3. The "=" symbol tells the spread sheet to expect a formula. The "/" symbol tells the spreadsheet to divide the cell reference located before the "/" by the cell reference located after the "/." In the example, the displayed result in "A3" is "4," since 20 divided by 5 is 4.