How to Dispose of an HP Fuser Kit

By Oscar Sanchez

A fuser kit is a component of a laser printer that does the actual printing. It consists of two rollers that the paper goes through. One roller is made of thick rubber to allow for pressure, while the other is made of thin metal so it can be heated up quickly. After the thin metal roller has toner on it, it heats up and presses against the paper and the thicker roller, transferring the toner to the paper. After a lot of use, your fuser kit may wear out and need a replacement. You can dispose of your old fuser kit in the garbage or you can recycle it.

Through the HP Website

Step 1

Package your old fuser kit inside a box suitable for mailing.

Step 2

Print your postage-free shipping label by going to HP’s recycle Web page and clicking the “Print Shipping Label” link at the bottom of the Web page under the Other HP LaserJet Consumables heading.

Place the label on the packaged fuser kit and put it in the mail to be sent to HP for recycling.

Through Staples

Step 1

Place your old fuser kit in a safe plastic bag so that any excess toner on it doesn’t leak out and stain anything.

Step 2

Find the location of your local Staples store by looking through your local telephone book or going to the Staples website.

Take your used fuser kit to any checkout person at your Staples store. The checkout person will take your fuser kit for recycling and issue you $2 in Staples Rewards.

Through Local Recycling

Step 1

Locate your local recycling center by either looking in your local phonebook or searching on the Web.

Step 2

Package your used fuser kit in a plastic bag that is sealed, making sure it won’t leak if there is any excess toner on it.

Take your used fuser kit and drop it off at your local recycle center to dispose of it safely.