How to Dispose of AC Adapters

By Nicole Vulcan

Electronics recyclers in your area may also take your other old electronics.
i Gewoldi/iStock/Getty Images

Electronics like unused AC power adapters can contain heavy metals and other materials that can pollute groundwater if they end up in a landfill. Plus, some of the components can get recycled into new electronic parts. As of May 2014, 25 states have some type of law that restricts disposal of electronics. Instead of tossing AC power adapters in the trash, try to recycle them.

Multiple Options

First check the adapter to find out what brand it is. Companies such as Sony allow you to turn in and recycle your old products for free. Some companies will even give you credit toward a new product for recycling the old stuff; visit the company website to find out its policies. The other option is to find a designated "e-cycling" center in your area. Use the E-Cycling Central website maintained by the Telecommunications Industry Association, the Earth911 website or the Electronics Recycling Directory website to search for e-cyclers in your area who will be able to to take your items (see links in Resources). When you find one, simply drop off the item or mail it in according to the recycler's instructions.