How to Display a PDF in a Browser From the Registry

By Chris Hoffman

Adobe Reader can display PDF documents embedded in Web browser windows or open all PDFs in a Reader window outside of the Web browser. Users can modify this preference from within the Adobe Reader application's Preferences window, but system administrators can also set this preference in the Windows registry. The registry setting can be populated to multiple machines on a network, allowing system administrators to set the preference on a large number of computers without adjusting the preference in the application on each of them.

Step 1

Click "Start," type "Regedit" into the Search box and press "Enter."

Step 2

Click "Yes" if a User Account Control prompt appears.

Step 3

Navigate to the ""HKCU\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader[version]\Originals\" key in the left pane of the Registry Editor, where "[version]" is the currently installed version of Adobe Reader.

Step 4

Create the bBrowserIntegration value if it doesn't exist in the right pane by clicking "Edit," "New." Click "DWORD Value," type "bBrowserIntegration" and press "Enter."

Step 5

Double-click the bBrowserIntegration value in the right pane.

Step 6

Type "1" into the value data box and press "Enter."