How to Find My Display Driver

by Adam Parker

Graphics drivers are the most frequently updated of all device drivers. The two graphics industry leaders, nVidia and ATI, release new drivers about every month. Determining what version drivers are on your computer can be necessary prior to installing one of these driver updates. It can also help to know version information while troubleshooting applications affected by graphics driver issues.

Open the Device Manager from the Windows Control Panel.

Expand the display adaptors list by double-clicking "Display Adaptors." A list of installed display adaptors will appear. For most users, Windows will only show one display adaptor.

Double-click the display adaptor name. A properties dialog box will appear.

Click the "Driver" tab of the properties dialog box. The dialog displays the complete driver information. The three key pieces of information are "driver provider," "driver date" and "driver version." These identify the display driver.

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