How to Display Calendar Items in the Side View of Outlook

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Outlook calendar includes the Folder Pane and To-Do Bar layouts.
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Microsoft Outlook enables you to display calendar items on one or both sides of the reading pane to help you stay organized. Open the left sidebar to show the current and next calendar month, as well as a calendar checklist. Open the right sidebar to show sections for a monthly calendar, a favorite people list and a task list. Adjusting the calendar layout brings up more options to prioritize your work and meet deadlines.

Adjust the Folder Pane

Outlook provides a View tab on the command ribbon to enable you to adjust the calendar’s layout. Click the "View" tab, and then click the "Folder Pane" arrow button in the Layout group to open the drop-down list. Select "Normal" to open the folder pane on the left sidebar. The reading pane shifts to the right. The upper folder pane displays the current month and next month’s calendars. The lower folder pane displays a calendar checklist. Selecting the check boxes will open the preferred calendar in the reading pane.

Display the To-Do Bar

The Layout group on the View tab includes the To-Do Bar command that opens the right sidebar and displays up to three sections. Click the "To-Do Bar" arrow button and then select "Calendar" to display the current month. To add the People section, click the "To-Do Bar" button, and then select "People." To display your tasks, click the "To-Do Bar" button, and then select "Tasks" to display this sortable list.

Task Tools Ribbon

The Task Tools ribbon displays more options to help you sort your task list on the To-Do bar. Click inside the Tasks section on the To-Do pane to open the Task Tools ribbon and Task List tab. The Arrangement group on the ribbon includes sorting options. For example, click "Start Date," "Due Date" or "Importance" to rearrange your tasks in the preferred order on the right sidebar.

Hide the Calendar Items

Outlook Calendar enables you to minimize or turn off the Folder Pane and the To-Do Bar. To hide the Folder Pane, click the "View" tab, "Folder Pane" and then select "Minimized" or "Off." The Folder Pane and the left sidebar disappear, and the main reading pane shifts to the left. To remove one section from the To-Do bar, click the "X" or "Remove the Peek" button in that section. For example, click "X" in the People section to remove from the right sidebar. To turn off the entire To-Do Bar, click the "View" tab, "To-Do Bar" button and select "Off."