Dish Network Tricks

By James Goux

Get the most out of your Dish Network connection.
i satellite dish on a roof image by Joseph Chiapputo from

The Dish Network satellite television service's basic actions are straightforward, but for those who want to make their television watching and recording even more efficient, there are a few tips that can help you get to things faster. Most relate directly to the user-interface aspect of the service.


Press the "Menu" button on your remote, select "Preferences" and then "Favorites." Choose the Favorites list you'd like to modify and press "Modify List." You will see a list of channels that you can highlight and either check or uncheck. Select the "Save" option to save all changes.

If you go back through the menu and select the same Favorites list, you can modify the name of the list by pressing "Edit List Name." Type in your choice using the remove and select "Save" to complete. In general use, once you press "Guide" to open the Channel Guide, you can press "Guide" again to cycle through the different Favorites lists, which also include "All Channels," "All Subscribed" and "All HD" by default.

Creating your own list allows you to cycle through the channels you actually want without having to deal with the channels you don't like or don't subscribe to. Multiple lists can be created to represent the tastes of each member of the household.

Dual Tuner

Dish Network often issues dual tuners that are designed to provide service to two televisions, usually in different rooms with only one piece of hardware. Users who do not have two televisions will still find this type of tuner handy because it can use "Single Mode." Single Mode means that only one TV is hooked up to one receiver, and it allows you to use the two tuners within the receiver together as one. This enables picture in picture, with one tuner being used in a small box in the corner while the other is displayed across the rest of the TV screen. It also allows you to record two television shows at once. While doing this, you can view either of the shows being recorded or watch a third selection from anything already recorded on your DVR. You cannot watch a third "live" program. To change to "Single Mode," press the "Mode" button on the front of your receiver.

Phone Connection

Plug a phone line directly into your receiver to simplify a number of actions on your Dish Network Service. Doing this will allow you to order pay-per-view movies, change your programming packages, play interactive games or content and communicate with Dish Network. Once you've connected the receiver to a functioning landline with a traditional phone cord or connected it to a router with working Internet connection using an Ethernet cable, call Dish Network to let them know you are connected.